Ultra-VAC Product Separator

GWI’s Ultra-VAC performance air-aspirating product separating system is engineered and designed to provide continuous throughput separation of dissimilar densities such as defects in a wide range of food and other materials in a continuously running process, with throughputs of up to 30 tons per hour. Larger units are available for specific applications. Separator Products such as raisin processing, leafy products, chilly, cauliflower, dried fruits, tomatoes, walnuts, almonds, and much more… are easily separated from undesired material while minimizing yield loss. The Ultra-VAC system design is a high efficiency and low maintenance with ease of operation and clean-ability. This is due to its sanitation and maintenance friendly design, The Ultra-VAC comes in a variety of design configurations to meet your integration needs by product separator.


  • Almond “doubles” separation from whole product
  • Shell separation from walnut cracking
  • Stems and undesirable materials from raisins
  • Machine harvested tomato (first run cleaning)
  • Machine harvested leafy products
  • Wine grape seed separation from undesirable materials
  • Pre-cleaning of a variety of products prior to laser sorting