About GWI

Custom Food Processing Machinery, Steel Fabrication, and Service for Over 25 Years.

At our custom manufacturing facility in Fresno, California we will design a system to meet your specific needs. We design, fabricate, test and install: elevators, separators, graders, mixers, vibratory conveyors, dicers, belt conveyors, dumpers, scale platforms, vacuums, washing systems, packaging systems and much more. We may also compliment your existing systems with unit upgrades and additions for greater productivity. Here at GWI we will work with you to create custom processes that will keep you within the range of viable budgetary solutions.

GWI’s background in manufacturing for the food processing industry has focussed on products such as meats, wines, poultry, nuts, raisins, grapes, vegetables, fruits and more.

GWI is a single source for your processing equipment manufacturing requirements that will deliver performance, integration, and reliability to your satisfaction.