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GWI’s raisin grading systems provide the highest quality and efficiency in separating, cleaning, and sizing of your raisins. Simultaneously, our grading systems will remove stems, dirt, and

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For decades GWI has strived to become a front-runner in the food processing industry and has been successful in accomplishing this feat in many areas. We dedicate ourselves on providing our customers with superior Raisin Processing Line Machinery with exceptional client service. High quality finish and attention to detail of our products are extremely important to us. Look no further than GWI to accomplish your wants and needs. Our equipment processes provide high production return and minimal operation cost. GWI’s Raisin Processing Lines are available in a variety of specifications and configurations to accommodate your product capacities from 2 to 30 tons per hour. GWI raisin lines cover the following:


  • Bin Dumping
  • Product Metering
  • Next Generation High Speed Scalping Systems
  • Ultra VAC Stem and Debris Removal
  • Product Elevators
  • Next Generation High Speed De-Watering Systems
  • De-Stoning Riffle Systems
  • Rotary Re-Cleaners
  • Sugar and Flavor Coating
  • High-Speed De-Clumping Process
  • High Efficiency Size Grading Systems
  • Color Sorting and X-RAY integration equipment
  • Automated Bulk box Packaging
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