Water Jet

GWI’s Waterjet, with its advanced 94,000 psi pressure system, has a cutting capability that can slice through a variety of materials. Our high-end equipment can work with a wide range of materials up to 6 inches in thickness. GWI’s Dynamic Waterjet® XD introduces the first high-precision 3D cutting technology of its kind by integrating 3D functionality with Dynamic Waterjet cutting. Giving you the ultimate in accuracy, speed, and flexibility.

Our 5-axis waterjet is equipped with a 72″ x 144″ size table with (+/-) .005 inch precision tolerances. Our waterjet machine can offer two cutting methods:

  1. Water with abrasive during cutting
  2. Water only, if your needs require engraving or etching into the material (depending on the type of material).

From decorative designs such as signs, logos, etc. to high precision components, we will cut out whatever your needs may be. With our advanced CAD designing we can cut almost any design you or your company may desire.

Material cutting capabilities

Aluminum – Brass – Bronze – Copper – Mild Steel – Hardened Steel – Stainless steel – Titanium – Plexiglass/Acrylic – Rubber – UHMW – Plastic