Mixing System Manufacturing - Commodity Mixing Line

GWI has strived to become a front-runner in the food processing industry and has been successful in accomplishing this feat in many areas. We are dedicated to providing our customers with superior frozen commodity mixing systems with exceptional client service. High quality finish and attention to detail of our frozen mixing systems are extremely important to us. Look no further than GWI to accomplish your mixing wants and needs. Our machinery processes provide high production return and minimal operation cost. GWI’s frozen commodity mixing lines are available in a variety of specifications and configurations. These systems are also available to be manually operated or fully automated configurations to minimize labor costs and accommodate your tonnage needs.


  • Frozen whole and or diced vegetables
  • Frozen whole and or diced fruits
  • Frozen whole peas (and similar type products)
  • Frozen leafy products


  • Two stage product bin dumping with pallet separation
  • Size adjustable frozen product cluster breakers
  • Quick change out volumetric metering valves
  • GW-FLX vibratory conveyor transfer systems (with fines removal separation if necessary)

Four Station Blend System\