GWI’s De-clumper units are manufactured to efficiently de-clump a variety of commodities whether they are dried, frozen, or sticky. Our De-clumper units are available in a variety of configurations to meet your specific application. We can supply a stand-alone De-clumper unit or integrate the unit into a circulating system that will scalp off and return un-singulated materials back to the de-clumper for an even greater singulation. Look no further than GWI for your De-clumping needs. Cluster Breaker is used for breaking up IQF and refrozen products in combos or tempered block form. You can also, know about the clump breaker on this post.


  • Achieves maximum productivity without damaging goods during de-clumping process
  • Cylindrical design allowing for quick and easy sanitation with minimal corners for product build-up
  • Quick interchangeable de-clumping cage sizes for various size commodities
  • A single De-clumper can singulator product up to 5,000 lbs. per hour
  • Unique design allows for very flexible installations into existing processing/packaging solutions
  • Consult GWI’s engineering team for assistance in integration De-clumper, clump breaker, and other tools