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A V-Trough belt conveyor includes a “V” shaped belt conveyor to ensure materials stay in place and do not roll side to side as they would on a flatbed, removing the need for side guides down the line. “V” shaped belt conveyor can also be configured to allow material diameters greater than the conveyor’s width to convey while still being properly supported. V-trough conveyors, are specialized conveyor systems designed to transport products at inclined, declined, and horizontal angles. These conveyors feature a trough-like structure with a V-shaped bottom, which helps to contain and guide materials along the inclined path. V-trough offers several advantages and is useful in various industries. The V-shaped design helps to keep the materials centered within the trough, ensuring a smooth and controlled transport process.


  • Energy-efficient jam-proof variable belt speed
  • Manufactured for light to medium loads and applications
  • Available in inclines depending on your product and process requirements
  • Heavy-duty designs reduce maintenance costs and downtime
  • Tailored to your specific application to provide the most cost-effective and reliable system available
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